TECOLSA, was created in 1986, we currently have our main headquarters in Juan Rizquez Molina street of the Cañada de la Fuente Industrial Park, in the town of Martos, Jaén.

The main activity of the organization is the storage, transport and packaging of parts for the automotive sector, with the Valeo Group as a client. There is also a left-luggage and purchase management service for different clients.

We have new facilities, which have a very high-rise and high-capacity storage system, together with another movirack system, all of which means that we have a total storage capacity of more than 20,000 pallets managed by means of adapted and personalized software. with which we reach a reliability of 100%, and with a response capacity to prepare orders in less than 15 minutes.

The company has different machinery for the inspection, packaging and shipment of material to end customers such as BMW, VW, … We also have the human potential that allows us to carry out the work continuously 24 hours a day.

Market prospects have led to our consolidation approach, which is why we are committed to quality, efficiency, improvement and interest in our people, which will help us create a company for the future, both for our employees and for our customers, and all this by betting for a green energy consumption and zero emissions.